Latin "ALIS VOLAT PROPIIS" -- The official English version of the motto is "She flies with her own wings".  This is the state motto of Oregon.

Salmon -- This is the Chinook salmon, which is the official state fish; these also double a unique take on the Submarine warfare badge, gold for officers and silver for enlisted.

The mountain range in the backgroun is the border for Crater Lake National Park.  Formed 7,700 years ago after the violent volcanic eruption of Mt. Mazama, it is the the deepest lake in the United States at 1,949 feet deep.  The island inside the crater "Wizard Island" was formed after a series of smaller eruptions.

Silhouette BB-3 -- This is the 1st and only previous USS OREGON.

Gold Star -- This has dual symbolism; it is another reference to BB-3 and the Oregon Trail, overlaid on the state, ends at the gold star representative of the Oregon Trail, Oregon City.

Eagle -- This is derived from the state seal.  The eagle also features 33 discernible feathers; this aligns with Oregon being the 33rd state admitted to the union.

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