USS Oregon (SSN-793) Put In The Water, June 25, 2020
The picture shows water from Crater Lake being poured on her, by the crew, to become "the first water to touch her hull".  We drove down to Crater Lake to meet Sean Waite, and he hiked down to the lake and collected 3 gallons of water for us.  Sean is the son of Clive Waite, a retired Career Submarine Sailor who was a member of the United States Submarine Veterans base here in Portland and lived in Medford.  Sadly he went on Eternal Patrol before Oregon could be finished.  Sean told me that he always carries a pocket knife that his Dad carried during his Naval Career.  He dipped it in one of the bottles of water so his Dad's DNA will go to sea with Oregon.  After returning to Portland we shipped the water to Groton and the COB (Chief of the Boat) of Oregon.
The Oregon State flag was flown over the Capitol and presented to the crew during one of their visits to Oregon.
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